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Jay Swanson's blog about joining Mercy Ships and living in Africa

Jay is the PR Coordinator on the Africa Mercy - All views and opinions expressed here are his own


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The Last Post from Pointe Noire

Posted on Feb 20 by

I can’t say I’ll never come back to Africa, nor can I say I won’t come back to the ship some day, but this season is wrapping up for me. If you’re...


Out of Office

Posted on Dec 19 by

I’ll be spending some time between France and the States for the next few weeks, and it’s definitely just in time. After I’m done with this vacation I’ll...


Revisiting Jeremiah’s Run-in with the Chinese

Posted on Dec 5 by

Oh Jeremiah, whatever will you get yourself into next? This will forever be one of my favorite stories about my time in Congo – I don’t care what else happens while...


We Have a Swedish Cooking Show on Board!

Posted on Dec 4 by

Unfortunately the chef couldn’t make it. Regardless, they’ve been a lot of fun so far, Muppets or no. The show is essentially a cooking and travel show, where the...


Happy Thanksgiving from the Congo!

Posted on Nov 29 by

I had an eloquent post saved as a draft in an email to myself, but it’s gone missing. The main point was that I’m grateful for all I was simply born into, including...


The Privilege of Patients

Posted on Nov 21 by

During my first two years on board the Africa Mercy, I didn’t naturally get a lot of time to spend with the patients, especially in the regular course of my jobs. You might...