Posted by on May 26, 2010 in Blog, Personal Stories | 6 comments

How successful you ask? Well, I no longer own any pants.

Sadly I didn’t sell my gloriously comfortable orange chair, which you can see Filly enjoying below.

All my stuff in the yard

My chair has been characterized, slandered really, as “ugly,” even “hideous.” If anything it’s an ugly duckling, which becomes a beautiful swan as soon as you sit in it.

I even managed to sell the nasty green rug that’s been keeping the floor under our table clean for the last two years. The first guy who was interested in it was dissuaded by his wife; thankfully the second guy’s wife wasn’t with him.

Either way the sale was super successful, I’d say I sold 80%-90% of my stuff and made way more money than I thought was possible. God was very, very generous. And equally awesome, I had some great friends join me and lighten the load. It really would have been horrible to do it alone, but they got up at 5:30am and helped so much.

It was great, and hopefully I can get some sleep now that I’m not spending every non-working waking hour prepping to invite dozens of strangers onto my lawn. Crazy-eyed Christmas village-hoarding weirdos. Certainly an experience.