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So I’m leaving for Texas tomorrow and I think I’m ready. I think…

Texas?! AHH!

I hit a wall this week finally, I’ve been going so hard at the support raising that when I finally finished work this week and sat down for a minute I lost almost all momentum. Thankfully the Lord has put some of my tasks right in my path so they’ve managed to get done anyways.

For example, the back of my car was full of clothes and shoes for the last two weeks. Stuff I couldn’t sell in the yard sale. I’d been meaning to take it all to the UGM or Value Village at one point or another but just hadn’t had the time, and once I got the time didn’t have the energy. Then the other day, on the way over to a friend’s, I needed to deposit some money I’d been given. I stopped at a branch of my bank in the Valley and lo and behold a UGM Classy Rack was across the street. So I made my deposit, and then went and rang their bell and gave them the rest of my clothes. Hangers and all.

It’s been crazy to see how fast money has come in. I think between one-time gifts, my yard sale, and selling shirts I’ve brought in just over $4,000; which is roughly $1k short of my original goal for up-front costs. And then today I found out my neighbor’s car had been stolen. I’ll be gone all week so I told her that I’d loan her mine while I was gone, and we took a little ride so I could point out all of the quirks of the car/I needed to buy a duffel bag from the Army Surplus store for my upcoming adventures.

Long story short, after we got back to the house her roommate texted me and let me know she was interested in buying my car! So it looks like I can skip the pain of trying to sell my car as well. God works in some encouraging ways and has good timing.

I say that because today was a bit of a struggle. In spite of the money being raised so quickly up front my monthly support is still in its infancy. I’m at about $350 of $1,700 right now and while I haven’t really done a lot of followup on the letters I’ve already sent out, I have no idea where this money is going to come from.

What’s so faithless about it is that as I look at what God has done already, and the lives he’s already touched and ways He’s already moved, I should be well enough confirmed in that He’s in this. And yet looking at the mountain I have left to climb in monthly support I doubt a bit. And then today I discover some gifts people had sent online and apparently sell my car and I’m encouraged again.

I think in the pause after finishing up at Dorian I’ve finally had time to sit and let things sink in. A bit. It’s all still really surreal to me; the fact that I’m flying to Texas tomorrow has yet to become reality to me. It’s a good thing I’m functioning well enough on auto pilot to get ready because otherwise I’d be showing up with my Bible, a stick of gum and little else.

It feels like I’m a little overwhelmed, there’s a lot coming at me really fast and some big holes still in the logistical framework of it all. It’s a time that’s gonna require some real faith that I feel like I’m currently in short supply of. I think that this week will be another huge encouragement though, and I’m really hoping it will invigorate me to finish the fund raising strong and get to Togo by the end of the month.

Holy crap, I’m going to Africa… I think I’ll go to bed before that hits me and keeps me up all night!