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Or perhaps better entitled “the days of truth.” I’ll know in the next couple of days whether or not I have enough monthly support raised to leave at the end of the month or if I’ll have to stay here until September. This has been a source of struggle to say the least, but I’m feeling pretty well prepared to do whatever needs be done. Even if that means staying here over the summer (which may not sound bad, but I’m going stir crazy).

A photo of me nalgene

I think it’s probably pretty obvious at this point that I just want to get out of here. Going to Texas for a week felt like real progress and has left me craving this adventure. It’s hard as I find myself perched immovably on the edge and unable to do anything to change the fact. I’m waiting on God’s providence now.

I don’t really know what else to say at this point, I’m pretty tired and feel like a broken record. I guess to other people a lot of what I have to share about my future is new and fresh, but man I’m tired of hearing myself talk about this. I just want to go and do it already! I feel like I’m ready, so let’s go!

There are lots of struggles I suppose, but worst of all is the uncertainty in whether I’m staying or going. Leaving in September instead of next week is a big difference and I’m not sure what on earth I’ll do with myself over the summer.

Anyways, I’m already getting tired of hearing myself as I write this but I hope it sheds some light on where I’m at: stoked to go, and hoping it’s sooner than later!