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Well yesterday was my birthday. I officially crossed the quarter-century mark, which at first didn’t bother me much. I’ve been thinking on it a little bit though, and I’m officially old. I plan on buying a cane with a long chain on it that I can connect to my bifocals so I won’t lose or forget them. Granted my eyesight is still perfectly fine, and I can walk without any assistance, but I figure it’s only a matter of hours before things start to deteriorate.

if you're reading this you're missing out on a photo of me

However there was something great that came of yesterday, and that was a visit from my little sister! She was in town to shoot some friends’ engagement photos for a day and I got to hang out with her late into the night and the following (yesterday) morning. I think she’s awesome, it certainly made for a spectacular birthday.

If you're reading this the image of my sister and me has gone missing again...

I couldn’t talk to my parents as is traditional, however, as they’re currently out of the country. In case you were unaware, they’re also joining Mercy Ships and are currently doing their field training in Benin. By the sound of it they’ve been serving in orphanages and young mens’ prisons. I haven’t heard much as they don’t have much to communicate with and the keyboards are all French. You should read the emails, the punctuation is so bad my dad had to actually write “(exclamation point)” at the end of a sentence.

if you can't see the photo of my dad you may be dislexic. Or facebook has taken it down.

I miss them a lot, and if you’re of the praying variety feel free to send some their way. The travel was hard on my mom, but she’s adjusted well and is working her little tail off. It’s a bit of a paradigm shifting time for both of them I think, as I’m bound to have myself. I’m excited to hear their stories.

If you're reading this then my mom's photo is no more

They’ll join the ship in another 5 days or so, and then fly back a week after that. Then I suppose they’re full time staff with Mercy Ships! How exciting eh? I’ll be right behind them!

As for me it’s time to start thinking that way some. My grandpa isn’t doing so well by the sound of things, so I’m planning on making a good visit to them before I head out. Basically this may be my last chance to see a lot of family and friends here in the northwest for a long time so I’m planning a sweeping trip through the state and possibly into others next month before I head out.

if you can read this you're not viewing a great photo my sister took, sad

Then come early September I’ll head to Texas, the plans for which are still tentative. Thinking road trip, but my mom doesn’t believe my car can make it that far. I’ll show her! And though I’m struggling to accept that I may not be able to see a Cougar football game this season because of the transition they ARE playing SMU in Dallas on the 18th… perhaps I can make the game. I really hope so! Could be our best shot at winning a game this year ;)

A cool photo of my hat was here, but now it's gone... darn it

Want me to come visit you? Let me know in the comments below and I may consider it ;)