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Time has flown, and I’m not sure what all to write about here in the short period of time I do have to write. Gateway, the month-long training program leading into field service in Haiti, has been going swimmingly.

people trying to stack cups

My classmates seem to be bonding really well, really quickly; which is good because many of us will be living on the ship together for the next few years. Continued prayers that way would be appreciated as those already given have been so effective.

Class is good, the content has been solid, but the days are long and make it difficult to soak it all in. We did a silent retreat today that spanned about 5 hours and also went really well.

a path in the woods

I’m realizing how good it is for me to be in more constant community, the isolation I faced in France and then self-imposed thereafter wasn’t a help at all.

bbq time

Mercy Ships continues to impress me with their work towards pursuing a balanced approach to their ministry. Striving to incarnate the gospel first and proclaim second is something I heartily agree with and fear we’ve lost a great deal of in the church today. Although I fear many try to be purely incarnational and forget that there remains a need for proclamation as well.

I’m writing this from a borrowed computer, too, since my Toshiba is back in the shop for the 3rd time… grumble. Anyways, tomorrow we’re trying a new church and then on to Posado’s, a delicious and wonderful Mexican treat. I hope all is well back home! Keep me posted!

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