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So today I start my training with Mercy Ships, just got done with dinner in fact. Not before having a great Texan experience though first:


The place is as big as Eastern’s. Van, population 2,000 has a stadium for their football team that holds 5,000 people. Artificial turf, video reader board and everything. It was quite an experience, especially for the Congolese couple with us that had never been to a football game before.

Here are some prayer requests too, if you’re of the praying variety:

The teams down in South Africa are having a bit of a rough go. Information Systems, my department, for example has 3 people working over both sites (the land base and the ship) with far more work to accomplish than they can handle. So if you could pray that the Lord gives them peace and the graceful patience of their coworkers that would be great.

The ship has been delayed on entering dry dock as well as the shipyard found a more profitable client for the last week, hopefully we get in on Tuesday so pray that there would be no more delays!

You could also pray for the safety of the teams, there was a break in a week ago at one of the houses on the base and a bit of a scuffle ensued. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt, but prayer for protection would be very much appreciated.

And of course strength for the men and women working on the ship to put the new generators on, it will be hot work and long days without the A/C. Prayer for strength and tenacity would be good for them I think.