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My brain has been pretty much fried over the past two weeks of travel, support raising, funeral and family time, and preparations to move to Africa (next Tuesday if you’re wondering).

a burned out truck in Haiti

When my brain is fried, like the above truck, simple things appeal to me. Simple things like pictures. In honor of my brainlessness, it’s time to keep it simple. I hope you enjoy the following, and if you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments below. I’ll do my best to include captions (hold your mouse cursor over a photo to see them) but I’ve only got 10 minutes before they kick me out of the library here in Okanogan.

Jay with a kid on his shoulders

Hope House

a girl spinning around a bat

nalgenes on a wall and more

tons of orphans, even more water baloons

Aaron leans in

a night scene...

a house pre-paint job

house post-pink-paint

Johnny and some other dude

cholera patient ward in haiti

razor beach

riding in the small ambulance

washing clothes by hand in Haiti

Pool Day

Frances, confused? Never

Sunrise on our last day in Haiti