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That’s right, this blog marks the beginning of my trip to Africa. As you’re reading this (assuming you’re reading it right when it posts, and also assuming it posts when I intend it to post automatically) I’m driving to Dallas to fly to Durban, South Africa.

Durban, South Africa

First off, don’t cry. Secondly, holy crap I’m flying to Africa! I no longer have a phone, but you can always leave comments here.

I only have 15 hours (if all goes well) of travel Monday (now yesterday I guess) to get to Texas, and then something in the 34 hour range to get to Durban today. Prayers for safe travel would be much appreciated! I haven’t had much time with the internet in a while, so hopefully I’ll get caught up soon. And hopefully I’ll be able to get some sweet posts up quickly when I get to Durban to let you in on all the craziness that will be my life for the next couple of months as we get the ship back up and running!