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Here are the photos from the last week, with one runner up at the bottom. I hope you enjoy them!

Day 8 – Wednesday – 12/22/2010


The Port of Durban, you can see the Africa Mercy in there somewhere…

Day 9


This was one of those moments you dread but one that inevitably happens.

“Before we started to try and jailbreak your phone do you think we should have backed up your photos?”


You can guess how things went.

Day 10


Christmas Eve, the last day of advent. We had a wonderful dinner which was mingled with a service and lots of singing!

Day 11


Christmas dinner on the Africa Mercy with almost everyone between the ship and Appelsbosch.

Day 12


Claire’s Corner, our little Tuck Shop for all of our random needs and treats. Heavy on the treats.

Day 13


A 500g steak for like $16, and yes they have amazing cuts of beef here. Definitely a good way to go for lunch over Christmas break.

Day 14


Our dinner tonight was rudely interrupted by a peacock who’s sole purpose in life seemed to be to taunt the pigeons. It bullied them away from their food, ate a bunch of it, then just hung out on top of it for a while, squawking and making a general ruckus… just because you’re pretty doesn’t make you annoying.

And of course the runner up for today would have to be from golfing. We played 18 holes for R140 ($10) on the most perfect day for golf I’ve seen since I’ve been here. Granted we had to share a set of clubs, but there was no one on the course and we had a great relaxing time just getting away.