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Introducing a new scheme to keep you all updated: one photo per day! My friend Christie started doing this almost a year ago and I thought ‘what a great way to keep everyone up to date and give them an inside track on day to day life.’

That and pictures are more fun than words. I’ll try and post each week’s batch of seven photos, so to start it off here’s week 1 (with a bit more explanation than you’ll get on Twitter or Facebook).

Also, a reminder for everyone other than my sister who does this regularly: if you mouse over photos you can see their title, just hold your mouse over it and leave it still for a second. I always put little tidbits in my links and photos.

Day 1 – Wednesday 12/16/2010

1 Photo Per Day #1

Standing on the bridge of the Africa Mercy, it juts out to the sides so you can better park the ship. As well as look down at the water on a nice sunny day.

Day 2

1 Photo per Day #2

Observing as the DSTV techs try to help us figure out what exactly is going on back there.

Day 3

1 Photo per Day #3

The 2010 World Cup stadium in Durban, you can get a tour pretty cheap. While I haven’t done that yet, I could be persuaded to give it a shot. I just need a tour buddy.

Day 4

1 Photo per Day #4

Every Saturday morning (Sundays when we’re on the ship I’m told) a small group of volunteers makes a hot breakfast for everyone. Not sure how I wound up making the bacon but it was highly complimented, and breakfast was made by an all Washingtonian cast.

Day 5

1 Photo per Day #5

Jesse found a cane sword being sold by an antique dealer in the mall this Sunday. This is a photo of him trying to put it in backwards while being harassed by the proprietor.

Day 6

1 Photo per Day #6

The deck crew sitting and enjoying the port on Deck 7 of the Africa Mercy.

Day 7

1 Photo per Day #7

Believe it or not this is my desk. Or at least how I found it yesterday. Hopefully it’s not really a life hazard.

I’ll try to post some of the runners up through the weeks as well, since I had a hard time choosing between certain photos. Here are two of them.

1 Photo per Day #5b

This was found on the same day as the cane sword, but lost out as Jesse insisted he appear in the day’s photo. I want one of these though.

1 Photo per Day #6b

This would have made it as the photo of the day on day 6 but I’d already listed it on Twitter as the photo of the day… I feel like I should say photo of the day one more time just to render it meaningless. Anyways, we spent the evening constructing and decorating gingerbread houses with the kids in a semi-competition. Ours has the yellow roof and spectacular snowman.

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