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It looks like I’ll have to do another 2-week 1 photo/day post next week since I’m falling behind again. I’m running into all sorts of issues with my phone right now so uploading photos got difficult today. And my kindle got stolen this week (allegedly) so it’s gotten a bit rough. That and the migraine that turned into unpleasantness on the drive down from Appelsbosch today, but I can leave that vague for you.

Otherwise things here have been great, meeting lots of new people and having a lot of fun with them. The work has been hard, we’ve been working on re-imaging every computer on the ship which often means carrying them (and most peripherals) up and down several flights of stairs on the stiflingly hot and humid ship all day. It winds up being pretty dirty, but we’ve made a lot of progress.

computers packed, appelsbosch, south africa

The ship is set to sail on the 8th of February, and we’re hoping we make that date. The generators have been fired up this week and are being tested, so assuming all goes well and the kinks get ironed out we’ll be on our way in no time. More importantly we’ll have AC in no time!

I just wanted to get an update on here before I went to bed tonight, we spent the day traveling up to Appelsbosch to dismantle all of the equipment we had up there and bring the bigger/more fragile things down today. Everyone else is moving to the ship tomorrow, it’s gonna get crazy quick but it’ll be a good crazy. The teams that have been coming on board to clean have done a fantastic job and we’re all getting excited to sail on to Sierra Leone and get to the real work of the ministry. It’s coming!