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So this has been an eventful week as well, though sometimes I forget to take a photo until it’s almost too late. Usually this happens when something spectacularly interesting happens, and instead you get a photo of an ID card or a brick.

Thankfully there are no bricks this week. Hopefully you still find them interesting, and as always, if you want to follow them on a daily basis you can do so easily at

Week 3

Day 15 – 12/30/2010

1 photo per day 15 - Drakensberg Mountains

We went camping in the famed Drakensberg Mountains for a night. The longest most sleepless night of my life. But the hiking was great, as was lighting off random fireworks to the dismay of the local birds.

Day 161 photo per day 16 - Fort Nottingham

After hiking and driving all day Aaron convinced us to go off the beaten path one more time (before dinner I might add) to hunt down the mysterious Fort Nottingham. I say mysterious because no one seemed to know much about it let alone care, and it took a long time on rugged dirt roads to actually find it. But we did!

Day 17

1 photo per day 17 - DJing New Year's Eve

We had a pretty epic New Years Eve party, breaking it down until well after midnight. Some of the guys even bought a TON of fireworks that we shot off for the families. I’m talking professional sized fireworks, the kind of stuff Indians dream of back home.

Day 18

1 photo per day 18 - happy new year

Of course you have to take a group photo of everyone who made it the whole night. If for no other reason than to prove you did it when you get into those regular arguments about who made it to what point in the night. Well dang it, I made it all the way.

Day 19

1 photo per day 19 - sunday night volleyball

Nothing says Sunday night like a good game of volley ball. Granted they had ginormous Jeff on their team, but we won some.

Day 20

1 photo per day 20 - beer carton

If this wasn’t confusing enough it’s a carton of beer. Which explains the warning, but confounds the idea of beer packaging on a whole new level. Believe it or not we found this in some crate in the back room of the little shack that serves as the community pub. And no, I’m not trying any.

Day 21

1 photo per day 21 - ID Badge

In case you doubted. I hold on to things like this in case I need an emergency, last minute photo of the day. On those days when nothing exciting happens and you wind up about to go to bed only to realize you’re photoless. Bad, bad feeling that is.

And of course, the runners up.

1 photo per day week 3 runner up 1 - fort nottingham

We got to Fort Nottingham and were SO excited. There were like 3 buildings and a wagon. And enough room, the tour guide assured us, for up to SIX colored men to sleep in the guard house. Yay!

1 photo per day week 3 runner up 2 - fort nottingham urinal

More like Fort Naughtyham. This is South African humor at its finest I suppose. And to flush all you do is turn on a hose!

1 photo per day week 3 runner up 3 - gardens

This family from a church that some of us go to invited us over to their house on Sunday to hang out, swim in their pool, eat and drink and make merry. They run a sort of tour guide hostel, so it was perfectly set up for a group. It was really nice, relaxing. This was the garden in front of their house.