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Look at me! On top of things for once! Here are the photos from last week.

Day 50 – February 3 2011


This fire drill wasn’t nearly as much fun as the one that came after it. We just stood around. These will get much more difficult when we’re sailing.

Day 51


This is what filling up your gas tank looks like when you’re living on a ship.

Day 52


This is what happens when you wind up in the park for too long. Our ‘band photo.’ What’s our band name you ask? Eric helped with that one: My Chemical Bromance. Coming to a Japanese themed garden near you. Each member of the band is from a different country too. From left to right: USA, Canada, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and last but not least South Africa.

Day 53


This means something… I’m sure of it.

Day 54

1 Photo per Day 54 - Cribbage Ownage

Anyone for a good game of cribbage? I took Peter to town 4 to 1 with this scorching victory to lead the night.

Day 55

1 photo per day 55 - Julie Ghost Buster

Julie wanted a photo of her Ghost Busters outfit. Unfortunately there were no ghosts around to demonstrate on so you’ll just have to imagine that phone as a ghost.

Day 56


South African Bromance part Deux – it was a rather bromantic week that ended at a rather bromantic scene. These are two friends of many from Northside Church who we hung out with a lot, Eric and Sheldon. We’ll miss you guys a lot.

Here are the few runners up from the week. Next week will be more exciting on this front.


This tree felt about as African as they come.

We thought about making darts with this little guy.


There’s a boulder under that tree… or should I say inside that tree?


This logo confuses me.