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We set sail from Durban yesterday, marking the first time I’ve ever been out on the open sea. In a way it was completely surreal, we’ve been in Durban for so long (and myself only two months compared to the five the ship had been there) that it seemed we would never leave. In a way that would have been ok, we made some great friends in Durban and had a really good time, but it’s not why we’re here.


Stuart and I reminisced on the fact that we’ve been with Mercy Ships essentially since September and in that time the Africa Mercy hasn’t actively done any medical ministry. Not that this is a problem, the generator project we’ve just come through has been hailed by our managing director as one of the biggest and most impactful projects that Mercy Ships has ever undertaken. It’s just been a weird, long transition that included being a part of Mercy Ships while Mercy Ships was busy being something else.


All in support of the mission mind you, and now we’re finally setting sail to pursue that mission.


The pilot that brought us out of the port was lifted off by helicopter, which was really cool to see, and within hours we spotted dolphins. The only shot I got of them turned out pretty blurry, but they were swimming along with us for a good while and playing with the bow of the ship.

At the moment I feel like I’ve got my sea legs, though the ship is rocking so violently right now I almost tipped over backwards in my chair. Even if I walk down the halls like I’m drunk I’m not feeling seasick at all and am confident enough to even stop taking the seasick meds they handed out before we left.


Let’s hope that doesn’t change when we hit rough water.

Here are some photos I took while in Appelsbosch and the Drakensberg that I never posted and thought I would in tribute as we leave them both behind.

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appelsbosch 2010-11

Appelsbosch College sign

Jesse walking along valley



The rest are from our camping trip in the Drakensberg Mountains. Hard to whittle them all down to a few photos, but these are mostly from our 10k hike out to a cave and some waterfalls.








Thanks for the good times South Africa.