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We’re nearing Sierra Leone finally and getting ready to start our 10 month field service. Since I’ll be taking the speaker/microphone down to the dock for the Minister of Health to make his speech I’ll be the 2nd or 3rd into the country. We’re really excited to get started, and my dad should be waiting on the dock which will be one of the best parts!


The sail has been tons of fun, even though I’ve wound up working a lot more than everyone suggested I would. Last weekend we had sock golf, a huge team-based game that took place all over the ship (think disc golf with socks). My team, the Cotton Kings, took 3rd place overall in the competition.







Just in case you’re wondering how you throw socks around, you roll them up (which is why we took our photos with round fluffy objects like we did). There were a lot of tricky shots. Up and around stairs, down extremely long hallways, and plenty of places to accidentally get yourself stuck.




We also crossed the equator last week. Despite everything every map and globe has ever told me there was no dashed line to cross.


Yesterday we had the Can Olympics, “can” meaning pop cans which was the theme or cornerstone item of nearly every event. Once again we were the cotton kings, and since everyone dresses up for the Olympics we got our togas on and went to work. The events were mostly puzzles or random games like shooting cans out of a sling shot at cones, shuffleboard (with cans), throwing cans in baskets, and even a taste test.




Sadly I was abandoned by my team about 1/3 of the way through and had to go the rest of the way myself. I still came in 5th out of 22 teams, and received the “True Olympic Spirit” award for carrying on alone. They said they were concerned as they tallied the score because I was in the lead for the first 17 events or so and they weren’t sure what they were going to do if I won in the end (being teamless and all).


Last Friday was the South African Open, a tradition on the ship to say goodbye to any place or person of significance with a poker tournament. This time around it was themed the Wild West. My costume was among the weaker ones, even my handlebar mustache was awful since I trimmed it too far down, but there were some sweet ones.


Friday night we had a pirate themed dance party which was a blast (except I’d worked a 10 hour day already so I was el pooped-o by the time we had to clean up). Despite the last minute scramble of the whole thing it came together well, had a good turn out, people actually danced, and I only had one song find its way in that shouldn’t have (whoops).


All in all it’s been a lot of fun to sail. We hardly had any rough patches at all, it’s been super smooth. Seeing dolphins and flying fish has been great, though I wish I would have seen some whales and sharks. Some of my friends saw a hammerhead; jealous. I also did Pirate Watch for two hours last night which was fun but anti-climactic. Not that I wish there had been pirates, but my side of the ship got zero action. Cyle got to see all sorts of random cool stuff. Anyways, I’ll miss the stars and the fresh air but we’ll have another sail in 10 months. Can’t wait.

(:Edit: I couldn’t finish this in time before having to run off and work, getting ready for the Minister of Health’s reception and all that. Today was crazy, I’m excited to be in Sierra Leone, and will try to blog about the day as soon as possible).