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My dad was here for the last week which was fantastic. It’s great to get a chance to catch up and I’m blessed in that he’ll be visiting the ship 3 times per year while I’m here. His job is to run the logistics for Gateway’s field service (we went to Haiti on mine for example). It’s the practical application time of the in-class learning.


He was on the dock when we pulled into Freetown and was brave enough to come give me a hug while I set up the podium for the Minister of Health. It illicited a cheer from the crew watching from deck 7.


I was glad for the chance to get to hang out with him and will miss him a lot. I can’t wait to have my whole family here someday, it’ll be a blast! Be praying for a safe voyage home, he had to start with the water taxi to the airport which is a bit sketchy at times. Now I can’t wait for July!


Thanks to Gerrit for taking the photos!