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Three 1pd blogs in one week? What are the odds? I know how much you like pictures; words can be taxing. This is natural. Just sit back, enjoy, and let the photos sooth your soul with their visual pleasantries.

Day 92 – March 7th 2001

1 photo per day 92 saying goodbye to Miriam

Welcome to the rest of my life with Mercy Ships: saying goodbye. Miriam left us; the first of many. In fact the arrival/departure rates on this ship are mind boggling. Over 100 people join the ship every month (which means around as many leave every month too). Such is life.

Day 93

1 photo per day 93 my second attempt at concept art

You may have noticed my first attempt at this during week 13, but this week I nailed it… sort of. This is concept art for the cover of my book, The Vitalis Chronicles: White Shores. In the end it’s not the cover I’m going for, but I was really excited and nothing else was going on so it was my photo of the day. More about the book at some point I’m sure. And it’s a man, not a woman. Long hair doesn’t dictate gender… sexists.

Day 94

1 photo per day 94 hearts - so easy babies can play it

Hearts, so easy babies can play it. Lilly shot the moon twice in fact.

Day 95

1 photo per day 95 Scotland Yard

Sometimes we play board games. This just so happened to come to pass one weekend when we played “Scotland Yard,” a game where it’s all vs. one. The Robber is on the run in London. The police have to use their powers of deduction and teamwork to trap him. Basically you can move by taxi, bus, or underground (subway). The Robber only appears on the board every few turns, so you’ve got to figure out where he’s going by where he’s been, corner him, and land on the same space he’s on before he’s gone forever. You’ve got limited uses of transportation. Thank God the police have their own cars in real life.

Day 96

1 photo per day 96 land rover mirror

I’ve been wanting to take this photo since the day I started driving the land rovers. Somehow every time I look at the mirror and see my arm hanging out the window I truly feel like I’m in Africa.

Day 97

1 photo per day 97 my cable-mess life

This is another peek into my daily life. “What’s this cable?” “I dunno, I guess I’ll throw it in this pile that seems to need to grow.” And then I walk in the next day and freak out.

Day 98

1 photo per day 98 Kelsey came to visit

My good friend Kelsey came to visit me on the ship! It was so exciting to see her and to have her on board! She’s here in Sierra Leone helping with Women of Hope International, a ministry working to equip and empower women with disabilities/that were directly affected by the civil war. It was great to see her! What a small world it is. I can’t wait to hang out more before she leaves for the States.

Runners up – dag yo

1 photo per day runner up feet

1 photo per day runner up moon