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I’m only a month behind now! Huzzah!


Day 99 – March 14th 2011

1 photo per day 99 barracuda breakfast

This is one of those things that I guess you come to expect living here. You’re just walking through the ship and what’s this? A pile of barracuda hanging out in reception? That makes sense. The things are huge! They may also be my favorite type of fish, they taste great. It makes me wonder if all predators taste so good. Makes me sad that the T-Rex is extinct, I bet he was the best tasting animal EVER.

Day 100

1 photo per day 100 overnight security advance

Part of our effort to ensure that our second screening day went smoothly included having an overnight advance team to secure the site. We plugged holes in the perimeter, got locked out of the bathroom, and had an otherwise fantastic adventure. We spent a lot of our time lining people up as they arrived. It was really necessary considering the screening started at 7am the next morning and people were arriving at 4PM the day before.

It was a really good time, and we were able to send away hundreds of people ahead of time who we wouldn’t be able to help. This kept the line neat and orderly, smaller than it otherwise would have been, and helped the screening day to go so smoothly that we finished early.

Day 101

1 photo per day 101 security story time

This was taken at something like 3am. Our relief had finally arrived and we took a much needed break. Roger, our Ship’s Security Officer even read us a bedtime story. I posted this on Facebook at my own peril; apparently he’d threatened our lives if it ever ended up on the internet. Everyone was kind enough to keep that to themselves until AFTER the fact. Oh well, I still have functioning legs so it can’t have gone that badly.

Sam Slennett definitely deserves credit for dragging the book (Green Eggs and Ham) out there and setting this whole facade up.

Day 102

1 photo per day 102 scuba cow networking

I didn’t do much the day after screening, I was kind of tired. So this is all I came up with. Our scuba diving cow hanging out on our router. He reminds me of these glasses I got in France from Ben & Jerry’s. They had a scuba diving cow on them who said “Comme un poisson dans l’eau.” Indeed.

Day 103

1 photo per day 103 coca cola sierra leone

Sam, the Sales Manager, needed to make a trip to the Coke plant to stock up for the ship. I wasn’t doing anything, taking a day off to make up for the overnight at screening, so I hitched along. It was surreal. Everything was branded, covered in red, and just generally Coke-ified. It really felt like stepping into an American theme park of some sort. Even the lamps had Coke branding on them.

We also had our very first Coca-Cola Plant Poker Tournament. Since it takes something like an hour to get anywhere because of traffic we decided to take along some poker chips. It turned into a heated battle, one that lasted all three hours back to the ship. But in the end I won. In fact I’m currently undefeated in Land Rover Texas Hold’em.

Day 104

1 photo per day 104 first lady visit

The First Lady of Sierra Leone (and the Second Lady too) came to visit the ship and get a tour. It went really well (she’s the blurry one in purple). She gave a lovely speech afterward and thanked us profusely. We’re hoping the President’s second visit goes as well. It’s funny though, living on the ship sort of desensitizes you to visits like this. “The President is coming this afternoon.” “Cool, I- wait… does that mean the dining room is gonna be closed again?”

Day 105

1 photo per day 105 no parking motorcycles on land rovers

As a bit of a revenge prank, Donovan (our managing director) and the Captain put Tracy Swope’s motorcycle up on a Land Rover. They then made a big deal about how you aren’t supposed to park your motorcycles on top of Land Rovers. I wish I’d been there to see her reaction when she walked off the ship.

Runners Up

Some different angles and such. As always, mouse over them for a second to see the titles.

1pd runner up welcome to coca cola land

1pd runner up coca cola land

1pd runner up craft of writing

1pd runner up a wet welcome to mercy ships

1pd runner up Sandras surprise birthday