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Gotta keep catching up. This is turning out to be a fairly fantastic way of both journaling and keeping y’all up to date.

March 28th – Day 113

1 Photo per Day 113 American cereal day

So I stumbled into this one. Apparently there’s a breakfast cereal club. Basically we’re deprived of sugar cereals among other things on the ship. So whenever somebody gets something like Fruity Pebbles sent along they get together in a little cluster and scarf it all down. I was lucky enough to sit at the cluster table, unwittingly, and thus was mistakenly initiated into the event. It really is amazing how far a little corn and sugar can go in making someone’s day.

Day 114

1 Photo per Day 114 ultimate frisbee in sierra leone

Ultimate Frisbee is a weekly event. Every Friday we head to the local cricket pitch (we think) to play for a couple of hours. As you can tell it’s not the ideal field. It’s not so much that it’s dirt, or that it’s sloped, it’s the random chunks of cement, rocks, and metal that stick out of the ground. Thankfully we’ve had no more than a few cases of road rash. We’re taking bets on who will be first to break something. We’ve had some close calls. I’m wagering Sam’s gonna dive and break a rib.

Day 115

1 Photo per Day 115 ultimate frisbee on the beach in sierra leone

Eventually you have to put your skills to the test. Every few Saturdays we’re playing another local ministry on the beach. We do fine the first half of each game, but then our lack of endurance catches up to us and we get slaughtered. Ben is our mascot. The Frisbee aims to change that.

Day 116

1 Photo per Day 116 Freetown traffic

I know that I’ve posted a photo of traffic before, but holy crap. If you’ve ever been in a traffic jam you have a mild idea of what it’s like. Basically somebody decides to park in your lane for a bit, or a cart gets overturned, or people just stop to talk to someone on the side of the road. What about? We don’t know. But it seems to be a fairly common and deeply involved discussion that has yet to be resolved. And everyone is having it.

The Orcadas (motorcycle taxis) just make due with what little space there is on the sides or center of the road (or between vehicles) and pedestrians do their best to hinder any movement as well. Traffic here is very much “two hours out, fifteen minutes back.”

So far I’ve only hit one cart, and it was really more of a gentle bump. Trust me when I say that if you come to Freetown not confident in your skills with a manual you’ll leave a master. I doubt I’ll ever kill a car again.

Day 117

1 Photo per Day 117 playing receptionist on the Africa Mercy

This is me working. Hooray. The ship has a notice board system which is basically just a power point slide show pumped through the TV system. It broke. I was at reception to try and help fix it. Tim was thoughtful enough to take a photo for me; it’s not every day you get to sit behind the reception desk.

Day 118

1 Photo per Day 118 stroopwafflen or however you spell it

Stroopwafelen… siroopwafelen… gaufres hollondaise… however you spell it they’re amazing. Dutch waffles, delicious coffee mates that make angels feel inadequate. There’s a 2 per person limit on the suckers, and for good reason. Most people would buy them out the instant they hit the shelves if given the opportunity. SO GOOD. I was introduced to them in France and will never miss an opportunity to jump on them the rest of my life.

Day 119

1 Photo per Day 119 bodyguard training homework

OK, never have I been given an assignment that has come with so much grief. For some reason I’ve been selected to be the ship’s official bodyguard. In other words, whenever we go into a potentially unstable situation I’m to be assigned to our Managing Director to ensure his safety. Our Ship’s Security Officer (SSO) gave me this packet to study. He’s also asked that I do some independent research online. I think he’s planning on training me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely excited for the unique opportunity. I’ve been jumping at them when they come along, and this one is pretty stinking cool. I just get a lot of crap for it.

Runners up!

1pd runner up - cereal makes for happy Americans

1pd runner up - bed space

1pd runner up - wooden hippo

1pd runner up - hunting on roofs for the frisbee

1pd runner up - ultimate on the beach