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I’m all caught up! Huzzah! Remember you can hover your mouse over the photos for extra caption funtastic action!

Day 120 – April 4 2011

1 photo per day 119 Jay Swanson on SCBA with fire team 2

I’m finally on SCBA with my fire team. What’s SCBA? Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. Just add Underwater and you have SCUBA. It’s not SCUBA though, I tried.

Anyways, we had a bit of a fiasco with our muster list but in the end I got suited up and ready to roll. And then we stood around and didn’t do anything. Not the drama you were looking for, I know, but we kind of got forgotten. The Oprah Network video team filmed the whole drill. They didn’t film us; we were far too boring. We did do some cabin checking in the fake smoke, but then we sat around and practiced getting our hoses and gear ready. I’m looking forward to a good drill with plenty of action.

Day 121

1 photo per day 120 LAN parties on the Africa Mercy

We’ve had some sweet games of Call of Duty going recently. It’s becoming the Friday tradition. The original Call of Duty; talk about a nostalgia hit. It’s growing too. Soon we’ll take over the whole ship. The girls are starting to feel neglected. We told them they could join us but they refuse. They said something about us having “problems.” Seems like they’re the ones with the problem to me. =)

Day 122

1 photo per day 121 Cyle serenades at the Africa Mercy variety show

We had a variety show on the ship that shrunk significantly, but was a lot of fun regardless. There were about 6 acts followed by an open mic. We have some real talent on the ship. This is my former roommate Cyle singing and playing piano. It was a great showcase for his voice. When he sings during meetings in full bands it’s harder to hear him. He did a great job, as did everyone who performed. It was a fun evening.

Day 123

1 photo per day 122 producer and camera crew from Oprah network

The Oprah Network sent a producer and director to make a pilot episode of a reality TV show based on the Africa Mercy. This last week they were joined by their camera crew and went to work seeing what they could do with us. They seem super confident they have a great show here, and that it will get picked up. I guess we’ll see. I mean, you won’t because they’re selling it to the Canadian network. But you can always hope the US network picks it up as well.

Day 124

1 photo per day 124 cramming people into cabins on the AFM

If you want to hang out in a cabin and watch something or just hang out, you have to compete with the walls. They like their space and they encroach as much as possible. As do the beds… and the shelving. Basically fitting people into a cabin is like carrying cats in your pants. It isn’t comfortable no matter how you spin it. But it’s always fun to hang out, especially since we’re all sick. We can share germs more effectively in cramped spaces!

Day 125

1 photo per day 124 Marty Schwebel at the civic and media reception on Mercy Ships

We had our second and last major reception: the Civic & Media Reception. Basically all of our non-medical partners came to the ship for a tour and an overview of what we do. The Mayor of Freetown gave a speech, and all kinds of people came to see us. It went well. These sorts of things sometimes seem frivolous but they work wonders as far as relationships go. Partners that actually get to come see the ship and what we do first hand tend to leave deeply impacted and more on board than ever before.

Day 126

1 photo per day 125 Jay Swanson and Sarah Philips fire panel training

Sarah and I were asked to learn how to operate the fire panel. It’s basically the central control point of the entire fire detection and prevention system on the ship. More or less it’s just to be able to cover for receptionists when they need to leave the desk. It’s a pretty intense system, and it was fun to learn and practice on. We figured it was exciting enough for a photo. And now I’m trained on the fire panel

This could be really good or really bad. Only time will tell…

Runners up!

1pd runner up - Lilly on Duty

1pd runner up - Dulce plays guitar and sings

1pd runner up - Linde and Hannah perform

1pd runner up - getting my blood tested


1pd runner up - the Oprah crew video monkey and 7TB of hard drive space