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This month is coming to a rapid close. It’s hard to tell where it’s gone. If you’re dependent on the photo/day blogs to keep up with me I’m sorry about that. I haven’t been able to get the remaining photos off of my iPhone… it really was dying I guess. I’ll try to do my best, but I may have to skip a few weeks and just catch back up. In the meantime just scour my Twitter feed and you’ll find all of them.


Life here continues to be a pack of mixed blessings. I’ve mentioned this before, but I think the most challenging bit is going to be the coming turnover. The ship has around 1,600 people arriving and leaving this year alone, which means over 100 come and go every month.  This June I’ll be losing a lot of good friends.



It’s sad, but it’s good for them in their own turns. Whether they’re moving on to better things, making necessary changes for family, or it’s just their time to go, it’ll be really good for them. And that’s ship life; it’s what I signed up for. I didn’t realize how vacuous it could really be, however.



I’m glad for the friends God’s given me here, and the shared experiences. Whether in South Africa, sailing, or here in Sierra Leone, it’s been a real blessing to meet such cool people.  And thankfully there are already a lot of really great people here stuck with me. So while it’s a bit of a melancholy time for a lot of us, there are still a lot of great times ahead.

three blind mice


Besides, after I burn a handful of their passports it’ll be really hard for most of them to leave. Thanks for the good times guys, I’ll miss you.