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I’ve been struggling a lot here the past few weeks, what with a chunk of my close friends leaving the ship for good and another portion leaving on vacation. Work has its stresses, and living on the ship brings about plenty more. I’m feeling a bit vulnerable as I approach the deadline to release my book, and I’ve been yelled at a few times this week for things that weren’t remotely my fault. Well… maybe remotely.

But by the time our Thursday night or Sunday night services roll around I’m usually in a bit of a catatonic state. It doesn’t help that the meetings are work for me as well. Usually the music and messages roll straight over me without much effect.

I feel like God spoke to me some tonight, however, and considering the nature of some of my struggles I thought it was pertinent to post what I wrote down tonight.


Scripture displays a pattern of God honoring the grace we show others by returning it upon us. Even promises, especially regarding how we treat the poor. This doesn’t mean we can “pay it forward” by any means. God outdoes us daily on this simply by allowing us to draw breath.

Thus our attempts at religion are foiled: there is no way in which we could possibly hope to get God to owe us; He is ever justified in any stance He takes with us.

However He does seem to shower grace upon those who are gracious, and in so doing bestows even further grace upon them. For God’s grace begins when I draw breath, and deepens when he gives even greater gifts. How then can I not be inspired to gracious actions when all that keeps me alive is founded upon God’s gracious attitude towards me?

I deserve nothing good, and yet I have so many good things.

Lord help me live like your son, and treat others as you have treated me.