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I figure that at this rate, within a month or two of moving back to the States, I’m going to either end up dead or in jail. The reasoning behind this revolves largely around how stupid we’re getting here. I mean, not STUPID stupid, but I’ve been doing some less than intelligent stuff lately.


The thing is, you get bored in Africa. Life often moves at a slower pace. Eventually you find yourself staring at a six-story light scaffolding in the middle of the port wondering “How fast I could climb that…”


freetown port

The other contributing factor is that activities which would normally be safe, uneventful ones back home are not so here. Case in point: driving. I’ve never been in an accident back home. I lightly graced my friend’s rear bumper while parking once in college. That’s the full extent of my collision experience back home.

Here? I’ve hit like three taxis, ten carts, two wheelbarrows, a giant umbrella, and I have no idea how many people. I do know I bumped one lady with the bumper of my land rover, and have hit at least one guy with the mirror. He was upset (but not as upset as the one Cyle hit – he broke our mirror). The issue isn’t that I’ve gotten much worse of a driver, in fact I would say that at this point I’m the best driver I have ever been. The thing is that Freetown was designed for something like 200,000 people and it currently houses something like 1.5Million.


So it’s crowded, to say the least. Two-lane streets generally have 5 lanes of traffic (two cars, three pedestrian/motorcycle). It’s beyond stop-go, and really slow, so when you hit stuff it’s never all that bad. But I’m still surprised we haven’t killed anyone while driving around.


I’ve also taken to piercing things. Last week Rachel, one of our amazing cooks on board, wanted her ear pierced. Sadly I don’t have any photos of this yet. Pamelina never posted them anywhere before she left. However I do have photos of piercing Maggie’s arm.


And by piercing I mean drawing blood from. That’s right, I drew blood for the first time; at least in a medical sense. I plan on perfecting my technique over time, though I got a perfect score for my first attempt. I may just have to become a doctor of some sort so I can keep sticking sharp objects in people.

So if I get home and I drive like a maniac and try to jab you full of holes, forgive me. I’m just trying to have a little fun =)