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Let’s just say vacation has been a huge blessing already. I’ve done nothing but travel so far – it took me three days just to get out of Sierra Leone. That meant leaving Paris the morning after I got there (read up till 2am and awake at 5:45am to get to the train station on time). Nonetheless I feel refreshed and happy. I took a nap under a tree IN REAL GRASS last week!

My time in Geneva has been amazing – we spent the weekend in a chalet in the Alps and now I’m in Geneva itself. This is what the sunrise looked like today as I waited for a friend to pick me up in front of the UN.

The chair in front of the UN sunrise

I’m currently sitting in the Mercy Ships – Switzerland office. It’s practically a mansion just outside of Lausanne. From the window to my left I can see the Swiss Alps. And this about sums up the last few days. Vacationing while with Mercy Ships seems to lead to all sorts of crazy experiences.

Mercy Ships Swiss Office

Mercy Ships Swiss Stairs

The Swiss Alps out the Window

It also means I have access to the internet for real – which means the ability to share some videos with you. It also makes uploading photos SO much less painful. I’m hoping to get some uploaded from Sierra Leone – but in the meantime let me leave you with two by my friend Beau. The “As Vapor” video is one that he made in conjunction with the other members of our Marketing department on the ship.

The second – “Chicken Fight” – is one that we made together with his wife, Liz. It should give you a loose feel of the ship while entertaining you through one of the oldest forms of diversion: comedic violence.