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We went to Wili Falls in Ghana this last weekend, and while the trip is worthy of a Benin-style post, I just want to share one moment I had while at the falls.

We spent the morning hiking to the upper falls, a fairly brutal trek that took us about an hour and a half. After playing a bit, and having some Easter eggs we bought off the street (boiled eggs in plastic bags) we hiked back down to the lower falls.

While we were there I felt like I could really let go. It was easy to lose yourself watching the water fall for 1,600 feet to the pool below. The simple magnitude and mechanics of it were mesmerizing. Standing under the water as it finally reached the ground was painful. It stung. But it wasn’t something I wanted to walk away from quickly.

I immersed myself, listening to the sound of thousands of gallons pound the surface of the pool. And then I simply sat a few feet away and watched.

That much water falling that far creates its own small windstorm, and it was in that storm that I placed myself for a bit. I wanted to feel the mists and the wind rush past me, to feel the sting, the cold, the collateral force created by the vertical flood.

This might sound a bit cheesy or off to some of you, but I found myself praying. I got on my knees and let my arms rest out to the sides above the water as I the wind rushed past. The stings of the mist pricked my skin. And I prayed.

I reasoned that this waterfall was powerful, but Whoever made it must be stronger still. That it could make me feel alive, so how much more could its Maker? He must laugh to think that I might compare Him to a waterfall. But perhaps it only helps me to better understand.

Wili Falls, Ghana, lower waterfall

I know you are greater than this. That you made this. That you are in this but you are not this. I know that the power you exert to maintain its existence is the same that powers the universe, and yet you see me. Small as I am. You love me enough to maintain my existence. By the very power of your will I remain. I continue.

I am sorry I don’t listen to the Word that resonates throughout creation. That I don’t listen though you ever speak. Your power is great, your forgiveness freely given. I want to take it.

More than that, I want to step into your power.

I got up off my knees and walked into the waterfall. The endless streams pounded down on my head, arms and shoulders as I turned and let it come. The freezing cold burned in a thousand stings. The rush came with the beating.

I want your redemptive grace. I accept the scourge, the cleansing fire and molding hands. Cleanse all that needs be removed. Claim all that might be saved. Restore and redeem me. Make me the man you want me to be. Make me the person you created me to be. Exude in me your spirit, and form in me the heart of your Son.

Do to me what you must, for to you I submit myself. My life is not my own. I am yours to command. Yours to prune. Yours to undo and recreate. Purify me. Do what you will. I trust you.

Do what you will.