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We just had the 2012 Africa Mercy International Film Festival on board tonight, and it was a smash hit. It’s hard to miss when you’ve got everyone in the community making videos and/or simply rooting each other on.

Josh Callow was my “co-chair” (as it has been put) in organizing the event. I can only best describe him as an Administration Angel, the guy knows how to get stuff done. Here we are with the winners of the Grand Prize, with their musical entry “On a Mercy Ship.”

award time


Hunting for prizes was definitely a highlight. I forgot to get any photos, of course, but the belt buckle collection we found was priceless. Most had moving parts, including a spinning dollar sign being fought over by two cobras. But the Transformers brass knuckles buckles may have been the best. I’ll need to hunt those down.

The AMIFF is a black tie event, or at least we try to get as close as we can with our limited resources. If nothing else it’s the best looking night of the outreach. Some of the girls were even able to create dresses out of bed sheets tonight. You honestly would have had no idea, at least none of us did until they told us.

AMIFF looking good

We had 11 entries that made it past the judges, everything from a silent film to a Bollywood special involving dancing Gurkhas. I can honestly say that the judging process is as fun as any other part of the event if you get the right mix of people. It’s hilarious to see their reactions in close quarters. Putting this thing on for the second time was well worth the effort and ridiculously late hours.

Obviously, we had a blast, and thanks to Ken lots of tasty food. I’ve posted the two videos that Josh and I made to promote the event. You can check them out on my Google+ profile. I’ll post a few more pictures of the evening after I snag them from my fellow crewmates.