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Texas, to put it simply, is still a strange place to me. There are so many poisonous animals and plants… I felt safer in Africa. Conversely, my dad and I were in traffic in Houston the other day (on our way to drop off paperwork with the French Consulate), and all I could think about was how much faster I could go weaving through traffic on a motorcycle. Let’s just say that while the animals here are scarier, the traffic is far more tame.

If you didn’t know, I’m in transition from my position as Head Receptionist on the ship to a writing/editing position with the Swiss Creative Pool. There have been some new hurdles erected in my path, but I’m really excited to live in Paris and work with a creative team that’s spread across the globe.

Examples of hurdles would be how ridiculously difficult it’s proving to get my drivers license here, or that I lost my apartment in Paris, but I’m not too worried about it. OK, I’m a little worried about these things. The transition off the ship is going to take some time; it’s hard for me to think of it this way but I really am leaving the last two years of my life behind and starting fresh.

I’m not an anxious person, I asked my mom today  just to be sure, but it’s true. However I am struggling a bit with anxiety as I face multiple personal projects, the paperwork of moving to a new country, the paperwork of trying to straighten everything out in this country, finding an apartment in Paris (which is a monumental task in itself), and starting a new job, among others. I figure it’s best to be open about that. I am really excited for the next chapter, I’m also really tired and running myself a bit ragged.

DP and me!

I’ll be in Texas for the next few weeks, sadly I can’t make it up to Washington while I’m here. If you want to visit me here though, feel free. We can find an armadillo to shoot.

I’ll say something about being here as well, I’m realizing anew how many great friends I’ve made along the way. There are so many good eggs around, some even sent me presents for my birthday (like cigars from HONDURAS!), and I’ve been incredibly blessed to get to know them. I’ll say this much now (as future blogs are sure to surround my reflections on my time with Mercy Ships): the most meaningful part of the last two years has been the people who have blessed me with their friendships.

You know who you are.