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So I’ve already seen a flotilla giving thanks to the Vigin Mary for a bountiful harvest of fish this year (or as Josh put it, a ‘fishful’ harvest). Aside from that, there’s not too much going on outside the ship that’s particularly notable. But the ship itself, and my fresh experience moving on board again after a year away, is already proving to be odd in ways I hadn’t expected.


One of the strangest has been my reaction to the internal size of the ship. It should be noted that both of my flights were delayed and that I didn’t make it in until around 3am. This could very well explain my inability to completely comprehend spacial relations, but I digress (again, because I’m loopy tired). If you’ve never been on the ship, let me put it this way: everything is cramped. Even the table I’m sitting at in the cafe is barely far enough from anything else to permit three chairs to surround it without interfering with the chairs next to them.

I walked into my new cabin and was struck by how huge it was. It’s not. I guarantee you if you walked into it you’d stutter something like “You live in here?” while fighting claustrophobic impulses. But it’s true. I couldn’t remember the hall going back so far, nor the individual bunk spaces being so broad. I almost felt dizzy trying to find my bunk (I know this sounds dramatic, and it is, but sleep deprivation readily distorts the gravity of events).

Fast forward to the following morning and I’m sitting in the purser’s office and it’s huge. I’m talking to Penelope and Lincoln and am suddenly aware that the room seems significantly larger than it should. I’ve spent a lot of time in this room before… did someone move something? Like a wall??


We’ve already taken a voyage from one island to the next (birthday cruise!), and had a drone flying around the ship taking footage half of the time.


Eating at 5PM every night is already getting to me too. I’m stomach-growlingly hungry as I write this.

It’s strange to be surrounded by people all the time – and everywhere I go to see people I know. I’m used to living alone and seeing familiar faces on a bi-weekly basis after this last year. This is going to be a weird sensation for a while.

In most other ways I’m fitting right back into place, and to be honest it feels really good to be back. We’re receiving the CBBC tomorrow (the BBC channel for kids) and will be working with them for the week. I’ll let you know what that’s like in the not-too-distant future. Either way, my life is filling up with strange spacial relations and lots of cameras. It’s going to be a fun year, I can tell already.


The cake…