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Sometimes you just see something and say to yourself, “I must ascend to the top of that.” For some people it’s mountains, for others it’s corporate ladders. For me, it’s crumbling and (often) abandoned buildings. Don’t ask me why – I just like doing it. There’s some danger, yes, but also not a lot of people doing it. And there’s almost always a view that makes it well worth the trip up.

Granted, if the ladder/stairs you’re climbing to get to the top have rusted through, you might double-check the load-bearing capacity before committing. I prefer the kick-it method to test that, personally.

I’ll keep working to update my vlog as the year goes on. If you want to catch up on my previous entries, you can do so over on my YouTube channel (where you can also subscribe, wink wink).

What do you like to climb?