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I’ve had a change in title (with little-to-no change in heart). My old title was “Public Relations Coordinator,” which sounds pretty impressive I guess, but we found it was misleading. Why? Well there were a number of people who thought that it meant any time there was public, I was the one to relate them to.

This is not exactly the case.


You see, my job is to help organize, receive, and hang out with media and major donors (of money, not organs – we don’t do that). So when the *REDACTED*, Dana Perino, France 24, or any other variety of journalists/documentarians/filmmakers come rolling through, I’m the one they hang out with while they’re here. I connect the dots. I do my best to get what they need out of their experience while, hopefully, keeping the hospital and everyone else on board happy to have them.


This isn’t always easy. Sometimes they change their entire schedule on day one. Up to and including flying out early. Sometimes they just wander into the OR before scrubbing in. This has actually happened twice now.


Regardless, it’s been a lot of fun so far and there isn’t a single group we’ve had that I would wish we hadn’t. Except maybe that Mark Shrime guy… but I have no control over that. I can’t keep surgeons away, no matter how hard I may try. I can, however, call them maxillofacial surgeons – hahahahaha… oh, inside jokes. How you kill blog post flow.

Anyways. The problem with being called the “Public Relations Coordinator” (besides being a lot to say every time someone asked what I do) was that it was too vague. When Coca-Cola showed up on board I got called in for some reason. The same thing happened when government representatives showed up, or when NGO’s called looking to build a relationship.

I found myself somewhat overwhelmed with people wanting to talk to me. People that didn’t fall anywhere near what you might think of as the drop zone of my job description.

There was a change needed.


Thankfully my boss saw this coming, and by the time I got around to complaining she already had the change forms in hand. Besides, “Media Liaison” has such a nice ring to it.

And that’s what I am now. So if you’re in the media, you’re a journalist, a celebrity, or someone wanting to come and tell our story, I’m your guy. If you’re not, it’s ok – I can point you to the right person who isn’t me.