Hey! My name is Jay Swanson and I served on the Africa Mercy for just over three years. My last job was the Media Liaison (PR Coordinator) for Mercy Ships’ field service to the Congo.

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Africa Mercy in Drydock

The Africa Mercy is Mercy Ships’ flag hospital ship dedicated to alleviating the suffering of Africa’s poor by providing surgeries to resolve a number of medical issues. She has five operating theaters where we work tirelessly to heal everything from cataracts to tumors and cleft pallets. All for free. The mission is to express Jesus’ love by following him into serving the world’s poor through surgical procedures.

My last job was as the Media Liaison on board. For year before that I was the editor and copywriter for Mercy Ships’ Creative Pool, based out of Lausanne, Switzerland. Before that I was the Reception Team Leader on board as a part of the Purser’s department, and before that I was the ship’s A/V Technician.

As the Media Liaison my job was to host media teams and vision trips (major donors) who come to the ship.

Reception Ninjas

Sadly this no longer involved any more ninja-kicks in uniform.

I was a full-time volunteer with Mercy Ships and was able to participate in the mission thanks to donations from an amazing group of people back home and around the world. As of now, my time volunteering with Mercy Ships has come to an end, though you never know what may happen in the future.

Thanks for dropping by! If you still aren’t sure where to start (and are up for a story), I’d suggest reading up on how I crashed my motorcycle in Benin.


A little about Mercy Ships, from Mercy Ships’ website on their values:

Around the world today, billions of people live in fear and desperation, with impure water, inadequate food, and little or no access to health care. Behind every statistic is a person waiting for hope and healing. Utilizing hospital ships, Mercy Ships delivers medical excellence with integrity and compassion to the world’s forgotten poor by mobilizing people and resources worldwide. Mercy Ships serves all people without regard for race, gender, or religion.

We follow the 2000-year-old example of Jesus, bringing hope and healing to the forgotten poor.

Mercy Ships seeks to become the face of love in action, bringing hope and healing to the poor.

Desiring to follow the example of Jesus, we seek to:

Love God
Love and serve others
Be people of integrity
Be people of excellence in all we say and do”