Out of Office

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Out of Office

I’ll be spending some time between France and the States for the next few weeks, and it’s definitely just in time. After I’m done with this vacation I’ll be returning to the ship to pick back up with what media and donors will be visiting us on the ship.

Air Canada

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and a fantastic New Year! If I come up with something I feel is worth saying while I’m out and about I’ll be sure to post it, otherwise you can look for new posts to start back up in the middle of January.

My photo per day will continue, as usual, on Instagram and Twitter.

Christmas Tree

Revisiting Jeremiah’s Run-in with the Chinese

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Revisiting Jeremiah’s Run-in with the Chinese

Oh Jeremiah, whatever will you get yourself into next? This will forever be one of my favorite stories about my time in Congo – I don’t care what else happens while we’re here.


I’ll try to vlog a bit from the road here as I pack up and head to Paris next week, and then it’s off to the US of A for a much-needed holiday. In the meantime, be sure to watch this space for my entry into Project for Awesome 2013 (I bet you can’t guess who I’ll be pumping).

We Have a Swedish Cooking Show on Board!

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We Have a Swedish Cooking Show on Board!

Unfortunately the chef couldn’t make it.

Regardless, they’ve been a lot of fun so far, Muppets or no.

The show is essentially a cooking and travel show, where the hostess (Anne Lundberg) and their chef board ships, cook for the crew, and visit new and exotic places. So it’s half cooking, half travel, and all ships (which makes for an interesting percentage).


Unfortunately their chef (who I’m assured is not a Muppet) really couldn’t make it, so our own chef Ken is filling in as the star of their show!


They spent the morning cooking and then served lunch to our patients today. Ken’s doing a great job, they’ve already said he’s the best chef they’ve ever had on. I bet he gets his own TV deal out of this.

Maybe they’ll turn him into a Muppet. I wonder what that would look like…